I started Deanna’s program in December of 2017 and since then I’ve lost 30lbs and have kept it off! Her program is easy! HIIT workouts, healthy recipes and her approach to changing the way you think about weight loss. I thought if I ate less and worked out more (more cardio) I’d lose weight -> the weight never came off. It took me several weeks to really trust her process and change my mindset about weight loss AND about food. I wasn’t eating breakfast and wasn’t eating much for lunch and then becoming so hungry in the evening, I would binge eat. I also wasn’t drinking enough water. This was my lifestyle for years and I knew something had to change.  I felt like crap and just wasn’t happy with myself. I’m so thrilled I trusted Deanna! I have my confidence back and I’ve never looked or felt better - and I’m in my 50’s! p.s. I’m now in Deanna’s 90 day test group, I’m so excited to challenge myself even more!



I’m 62 years old and I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands, and tendonitis in both elbows. Since I started Deanna’s HIIT program I’ve lost 10 pounds and I have maintained my weight, the only thing I gained is more strength, confidence and flexibility. I can do 10 pushups now! YEAH! Deanna’s HIIT workouts are different each time and that keeps me interested. It makes me continue her program because she pushes me to the end. Honestly, some days are difficult to work out but when I finish I have a change of attitude, I have more energy and I have a feeling of happiness that overcomes me! The challenging workouts are renewing my body and my mind. I know that I can't stop from getting older, but I can reverse my mindset with positive self-esteem and staying in good health. Gaining muscle has been a slow process for me but I also know that it’s about staying consistent with my eating habits. It’s all about being consistent, which is what Deanna teaches in her programs. Deanna is always available for questions and gives me sound advice.  She is a positive person with a great sense of humor. 

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Lynda P.

I personally never heard of HIIT before and hesitated to join Deanna’s program at first but now it’s the weekly therapeutic dose that I’m always looking forward to. It would sadden me if I have to miss a session because every session is always something surprisingly good. I’m either learning new workouts or challenging myself by working on proper formation. Rather than being focused on only losing weight, I am now also working on gaining muscle and definition.  Before HIIT my upper body was my weakest point. I set goals and am focused on gradually increasing the amount of reps & weight I can handle. And Deanna is truly a lead-motivator for this. Not only has she shared her journey with me, but she has inspired me to create my own journey. Her energy and passion sends positive vibes that get me going. Overall, HIIT has helped me sculpt and transform my body in a fun & exciting way, of course, staying dedicated and putting in the hard work is well worth it. My quality of life has improved thanks to HIIT. I love the HIIT program and I appreciate Deanna for going above and beyond to make this such a meaningful experience. 

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Steve H.

The I've been going to the gym regularly for maybe 10 years now, mainly focusing on strength training. Deanna introduced me to HIIT a little over a year now and it has been amazing. I've always loved a physical challenge, it helps build confidence because I feel my mind/body has accomplished the task in hand and at the same time, learn my bodies limitation and what to focus on next in the weight room. I feel sharper and definitely notice an increase in my endurance since Deanna’s HIIT workouts. I'm grateful Deanna has introduced me to HIIT and appreciate the time she takes to create the workouts and teach the class. She's an awesome teacher with a good grip and understanding of fitness, helps beginners with form to prevent injuries and alternative ways to do some of the exercises. I used to weigh close to 170lbs @ 5'5" when I started strength training, I finally reached my goal last November thanks to the intense workout and I feel more physically fit than I was in my 20’s. Thank you, Deanna! I'm hooked on HIIT! =)