The Ultimate Summer Margarita!

Healthy and oh-so-delicious Summer Margarita!

healthy margarita

Healthy Margarita!

* Salt rim with Himalayan pink salt

* 1 shot of tequila

* 1 part Simply Limeade juice

* 1 part Simply Grapefruit juice

* Fresh lime

A healthy margarita is also known as a “skinny margarita” when you order at a restaurant. What makes it a skinny or healthy margarita? It’s the amount of ingredients that make up the drink. Most margaritas are made with a mix, and mixes are loaded with preservatives and sugars. Next time you order a margarita, ask for a skinny. They are typically made with fresh juice, tequila and agave and sea salt. Keep your drinks simple, like this one!

For the tequila I used CASAMIGOS and it was delicious! It’s the perfect tequila for sipping too.

I also look for a juice that is not made from concentrate. Simply brand uses real fruit juice with the least amount of ingredients as possible.

Leave me a comment below and let me know how it turned out for you! Enjoy!