Annoying Pet Peeves When Working Out at the Gym

annoying pet peeves.PNG

If you’ve been working out at a gym for a number of years, you probably already know these pet peeves. But if you are new to the gym, get ready for today’s lesson. These are gym pet peeves that everyone should know about (but some don’t, or they choose to ignore). It’s actually quite simple, and for the most part obvious (well, at least for most people).

Here are a few do’s and dont’s to be a better neighbor to your fellow fitness junkies. Believe me, they will appreciate it! 

Do bring a towel

If you work out at a gym that has towel service, take advantage of it. Otherwise, bring your own. Use your towel to place on the equipment/machine when you are using it, or use your towel to wipe down the equipment after use. The last thing people want to do is wipe down equipment after you sweat all over it. Sweat (when it’s not your own) is pretty darn gross. Bring a towel and wipe it down. Don’t be that person who uses the equipment after running for 30 minutes on the treadmill and drips sweat all over the seat, handles, or floor. Keep your sweat to yourself, period.

Don’t wear the same workout clothes twice in a row

Even if you don’t know it, wearing the same pieces of clothing twice in a row holds body odor. Yep, fibers in textiles hold odor, your body odor. Even if you didn’t sweat, wash your workout clothes. Do yourself and other gym goers a favor, and don’t wear them twice in a row.

Do take a shower

Sweat stinks, period. Take a shower after you work out. Don’t think because you douse yourself in body spray it’s going to take the stink away.

Don’t scroll through Instagram while taking up a machine

No matter what you’re doing on your phone, don’t do it while you’re sitting on a machine. Someone may be waiting for that machine while you’re scrolling through your feed taking your sweet time. Get off your phone and focus on the workout. You’re at the gym to workout, right? 

Do use the hand sanitizer

I get it. You have a gym membership to live a healthier life. But the gym is a petri dish! It’s a home for so many germs like the common cold and flu virus, as well as Human papillomavirus (HPV) which can be picked up by walking barefoot in the showers. YUCK! Always wear flip-flops in the showers. Did you know you can get a staph infection from the gym? Make sure to cover up any cut or broken skin on your body, no matter how small. Ringworm and athlete's foot are fungal infections and fungi love warm, moist places such as; showers, locker rooms, swimming pools, and saunas. Remember to use hand sanitizer to avoid spreading germs. Almost every gym has hand sanitizer stations. If they don’t, ask them to get it.

Bottom line:

  • Be attentive when you’re at the gym

  • Don’t waste time, and workout with purpose and intensity

  • Get in and get out

  • Use gym etiquette at all times

Are you new to living a healthy lifestyle, and are feeling a bit overwhelmed with working out? I get it. Sometimes it can feel impossible to squeeze in that gym time during busy days. Check out my post where I discuss how important it is to have a daily routine, and how you can create a successful routine of your own.