4 changes I made in 90 days to lose inches and gain muscle

I made 4 changes in 90 days 

The difference between the pictures may not be drastic, and they’re not supposed to be. I wanted to confirm that it doesn’t take drastic, restrictive measures to see results. What it takes is consistency. It’s not a race, it’s a health journey to a new you.

Sure, if I tried harder I probably could of had abs, but that’s not what I was trying to achieve. Getting those abs in 90 days takes a whole heck of a lot of dedication, a calorie deficit, cardio and longer workouts. I just didn’t want my life to revolve around dieting and working out. I still wanted to be able to go out with my husband and enjoy a farm to table dinner (steak and potatoes) with a couple glasses of wine. I wanted to enjoy a cold brew on a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to eat cake & ice cream  at my friends birthday without being a party pooper.

I committed myself to a simple plan, a simple plan that I could follow. I wasn’t perfect by any means but I was consistent.

Okay, this is what I did ⬇️

  1. Increased water consumption

  2. No sugary snacks during the week

  3. Exercise 5x per week

  4. Starch (aka - carbohydrates) cycled 

Nothing crazy, right?

My exercises were my HIIT workouts (all under 30 minutes 2-3x per week and strength training 2-3x per week)

January 2020, I’m kicking off the New Year with my first ever High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) ebook. These are the HIIT workouts that I do to see inches lost and muscle gains. All my HIIT workouts are under 30 minutes. Do them at home, at the gym or on vacation. Literally, anywhere. These workouts are for men and women! I’m also kicking off a New 90 Day Coaching Program. Follow my easy starch cycling plan to lose inches, do my workouts to gain lean muscle and receive weekly healthy habits and mindset mentorship (from me) to get in THE BEST SHAPE Of YOUR LIFE.  But here’s the best, best part,,, you don’t have to restrict anything, nada! Lisa, you can have your red wine! 

A simple 90 Day plan for long lasting results. After all, you’re nothing without your health. Do it for you. A new you with confidence, a new you without injury, a new you on a mission to reach your goals. 



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